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Tuners för Load-Pull och Brusmätning

focus_logoFocus Microwaves electro-mechanical wideband and harmonic tuners have been used in the RF industry for Loadpull and noise measurements since 1989. Over the years, we have worked and reworked our tuners, making them the most universal, user-friendly and reliable automatic tuners on the market. Building automatic noise and load pull measurement systems, using our high precision impedance tuners from 10MHz to 140GHz.Our load pull, harmonic load pull and noise measurement systems, enable our customers to gain a competitive edge in:

  • Designing power and low noise amplifiers
  • Improving mobile phone performance
  • Optimizing transistor technology
  • Validating transistor large signal models

Focus Microwaves became a leader in the industry by promptly responding to customers’ needs and pioneering most microwave tuners and applications.

Calibration and Control

All Focus tuners use extremely efficient calibration and tuning algorithms and control electronics based on LAN control (iTuner). This is a merger our proven tuner technology with state of the art control electronics to create the latest tuner generation. The on-board micro-processor and tuning firmware form a self-contained and fully calibrated test instrument. The micro-processor inside the tuner accepts ASCII format communication, via an industry standard TCP/IP interface, controls up to nine stepper motors (tuner axes) and executes interpolation and tuning functions for single probe (CCMT) tuners (one probe per frequency range). For tuners with more than one independent probe (MPT) covering the same frequency range to allow for harmonic tuning, external computing power is required, because of the exponentially growing number of combinations of tuner states (slug positions).

Additionally, micro-stepping motor control allows acceleration-deceleration of tuner carriages and virtually eliminates tuner vibration, making the iTuner electronics the ideal solution for on-wafer measurements.

Focus Microwaves offers the widest impedance tuner rangein industry:


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