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Easy-PC Schematic Capture and PCB Layout

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Integrated Schematic Capture
and PCB Layout

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Schematic Capture Create clear and concise Schematics The Easy-PC Schematic editor allows you to create clear and concise schematic drawings. Multi-sheet drawings can be easily combined within a project file, allowing all net and component names to be managed and synchronised. Design Rules Checking The Design Rule Check examines your Schematic designs, check for a number of possible errors to help you avoid downstream problems in generating the layout or more often in using the Schematic as documentation for engineers to troubleshoot the finished boards. Intelligent Busses Intelligent bus items can be drawn in the design with ease. These busses can be ‘closed’ containing specific net names, or they can be left ‘open’ to give you flexibility. Bus nets can be drawn with connective nets or left for full implied (invisible) connectivity. Schematic Hierarchy Schematic design sheets in a project can have a hierarchical structure. These can be a combination of both ‘Top Down’ and ‘Bottom Up’. Forwards and Backwards Annotation Updates and modification to Schematics can be passed forward to PCB with name changes in the PCB being back annotated to Schematic design Spice Netlist Exports Generic B2 Spice IsSpice LT Spice Micro Cap PSpice SiMetrix Spice3 Tina TopSpicePCB Layout

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