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[:en]We help you to select the perfect antennas for your testing needs. Our antennas with a wide range of properties for EMC testing are manufactured by Teseq, PMM and AH-Systems.

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AH Systems Antennas by Type

Here is a listing of AH Systems products grouped by antenna type, and frequency ranges covered by each antenna type. For more information on a particular group of antennas, click on that group, or contact us to have a catalog sent to you. You may also download AH-Systems Complete antenna catalog (12.3 MB)

Antenna Type Frequency Range
Antenna Kits20 Hz – 40 GHz
Loop Antennas20 Hz – 30 MHz
Biconical Antennas20 MHz – 18 GHz
Monopole Antennas 100 Hz – 60 MHz
Log Periodic Antennas 80 MHz – 7 GHz
Dipole Antennas 25 MHz – 1000 MHz
Bilogical Antennas 25 MHz – 7 GHz
H-Field Rods 100 Hz – 30 MHz
Horn Antennas 170 MHz – 40 GHz
Preamplifiers20 MHz – 40 GHz
Standard Gain Horns1.1 GHz – 40 GHz
Accessories N/A
Current Probes20 Hz – 1000 MHz

Not sure which antenna type that your test specification requires?

AH Systems also has a listing of antennas sorted by test specifications. or antennas grouped by antenna properties.

teseq_logoTeseq Test Antenna Selector

Teseq has an extensive offering of EMC antennas. The well-known BiLog antenna, the first ultrawide band EMC emissions measurement antenna, represents an important milestone in the development of EMC measuring instruments.

pmm_logoPMM Antennas

Radiated Immunity Antennas

Radiated Emissions Antennas[:]