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Suitable for all EMC/EMI applications


Electric field probe

Electric field probes (diode detectors) combining excellent RF characteristics from 5 kHz up to 26,5 GHz, wide range, small size, light weight (22 g only), true spherical symmetrical configuration.

Suitable for all EMC/EMI applications (chambers and TEM/GTEM cells), biology, materials research and wherever fast and accurate measurements with negligible or minimum interference of the probe to the field under measure are essential.

Main Features

  • 5 kHz to 26,5 GHz frequency range
  • Up to 66 dB dynamic, single range
  • Symmetrical dipole configuration
  • Excellent isotropy (down to 0,2 dB typical)
  • Up to 40 meters communication by Fiber Optic Cable
  • Up to 80 hours of operation before recharging
  • High performance, high reliability Li-Mn battery
  • PC direct connection via Optical to RS232/USB
  • Extremely lightweight: 22 g only!

The advanced internal Li-Mn rechargeable battery guarantees superior reliability with up to 80 hours of continuous operation. The battery is commonly available, accessible and easily replaceable without needing recalibration.

This PMM’s exclusive technology overcomes the inconvenience other types of probes may suffer and allows for reducing the probe costs.

PC direct connection via Optical to RS232/USB adapters, fiber optic cables available up to 40 m. The probes are supplied with PC software for setting the various operating modes and parameters, and for reading and logging the measurements.

Available Models:

EP-600 Field probe 100 kHz to 9,25 GHzep_600

EP-601 Field probe 10 kHz to 9,25 GHz

EP-602 Field probe 5 kHz to 9,25 GHz

EP-603 Field probe 300 kHz to 18 GHz

EP-604 Field probe 300 kHz to 26,5 GHz

All probes include: 10 m fiber optic cable, Optical/RS232 adapter + RS232/USB adapter, PC Utility WIN-EP600, Charging fixture, A/C charger, tripod mounting tip, Standard calibration certificate. (Optional accredited calibration available)



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