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Pulsonix provides your company with affordable yet advanced, PCB design capability. Download the free trial and discover why thousands of companies around the world choose Pulsonix.

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Schematic Capture

Create clear and concise schematic drawings in this easy-to-use design environment. No tedious menus or commands to navigate with modeless operation and intuitive fast usage.

With features ranging from flat or multi-sheet multi-instanced hierarchy to electrical rules checking, Pulsonix Schematic Capture is a cost effective, versatile tool to use within your engineering environment.

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Integrated Spice Simulation

Fully integrated into the Pulsonix design environment, Pulsonix Spice is an advanced, mixed-mode simulation package that out-performs many of the other Spice tools on the market.

A comprehensive selection of analysis functions may be applied to plotted waveform data. At the click of a mouse the RMS, rise and fall time, -3dB point or many other functions can be calculated and displayed alongside the graph legend.

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PCB Design

The Pulsonix PCB Design environment has been carefully designed to ensure maximum productivity from minimal engineer input time.

A wide range of features from Rule Creation, Component placement, Routing modes and post processing capability allow for a critical reduction in your design time.

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High-Speed Design

Pulsonix supports a powerful set of constraint driven, rules based, interactive High-Speed design features. With the High-Speed features being driven from the Schematic, the design can be conceived and defined by the engineer during the early logical capture phase. All constraint rules are passed to the PCB design automatically.

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Database Connection

The Pulsonix Data Connection (“PDC”) enables instant access to corporate information systems for rapid identification and selection of components.
This enables you to carry out database-driven part selection and management inside the Pulsonix design environment where you need the information exactly where you need it.


PLM Interface

The PLM product interface (or a middle-tier application between the PLM system and the various individual tools) allows access to documents and other design data in a controlled manner, so that all actions fit with the design flow defined by the PLM system. Each process or product requires its own PLM interface to enable the PLM tool’s ‘hooks’ to access information within it.


Data Migration

Have confidence in retaining your valuable Intellectual Property. Import your Designs and Libraries from many industry standard systems.



Discover why thousands of companies around the world choose Pulsonix

“Pulsonix has provided us with maximum value through advanced software that is used in the engineering design department.”
Andreas Sauer – Hoffmann+Krippner