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Everything in Easy-PC has been designed with ease of use in mind. In most cases, the main menus are hardly used with shortcut menus being used in all contexts. Try it and see for yourself.

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Schematic Capture

Create clear and concise Schematics

The Easy-PC Schematic editor allows you to create clear and concise schematic drawings. Multi-sheet drawings can be easily combined within a project file, allowing all net and component names to be managed and synchronised.

Design Rules Checking

The Design Rule Check examines your Schematic designs, check for a number of possible errors to help you avoid downstream problems in generating the layout or more often in using the Schematic as documentation for engineers to troubleshoot the finished boards.

Intelligent Busses

Intelligent bus items can be drawn in the design with ease.These busses can be ‘closed’ containing specific net names, or they can be left ‘open’ to give you flexibility. Bus nets can be drawn with connective nets or left for full implied (invisible) connectivity.

Schematic Hierarchy

Schematic design sheets in a project can have a hierarchical structure. These can be a combination of both ‘Top Down’ and ‘Bottom Up’. Forwards and Backwards Annotation Updates and modification to Schematics can be passed forward to PCB with name changes in the PCB being back annotated to Schematic design

Spice Netlist Exports

Generic B2 Spice, IsSpice, LT Spice, Micro Cap, PSpice, SiMetrix, Spice3, Tina, TopSpice,

PCB Layout

Create PCB Designs without a Schematic

If you do not wish to create a Schematic, simply start creating your PCB straight into the PCB design editor. You can also import Gerber files to intelligently rebuild the PCB design.

Design Reuse

Using the intelligent Apply Layout Pattern feature within Easy-PC, you can define a piece of circuitry or ‘Golden Circuit’, and apply the layout positions and routing of that defined circuit to a series of grouped parts within the design. This dramatically reduces design time and ensures accuracy of trace lengths.

Online Design Rules Checking

With online DRC (Design Rule Check) switched on, error markers instantly indicate design rule spacing errors and the error location during the design layout process.

Integrity and Connectivity Checking

A detailed report comparing the Schematic and PCB designs can be produced; this maintains full design integrity at all times of the process.

Shape Based Copper Pour

Easy-PC provides fast copper pouring with control on thermal relief, isolation gaps, and the number of spokes, plus removal of unwanted copper ‘islands’. Flexible, powerful and easy-to-use, add copper of any shape to the design.

Split Powerplanes and View Powerplanes

Easy-PC offers full support for split and partial powerplanes. The view powerplane facility enables you to view the powerplane using the same mechanism as used for generating it at the plotting stage, this ensures accuracy rather than simply looking at a “bitmap” image.

Fully Integrated Autorouters

Easy-PC has two highly efficient and comprehensive autorouters which are fully integrated into the program. The Tracerouter comes as standard with the purchase of an Easy-PC license, whilst the Pro-Router can be purchased additionally if your designs require its powerful capability.

Customised Report Generator

Create your own Bill of Materials (BOMS), Parts lists and Net lists using the powerful report writing feature within Easy-PC.

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