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Webinar: Capabilities of USB-VNA’s

Lab-quality USB based instruments that provide high accuracy and wide dynamic range enable engineers to use VNAs for many applications. In a USB VNA the processing module is separated from the measurement module which takes advantage of the processing power of modern PCs while producing the same reliable measurement results as any traditional analyzers would.


Kurs i CST Microwave Studio

Den 28 och 29 november anordnar MTT en kurs i Microwave Studio för befintliga kunder i Norden.


EMSCAN Presents new versions of RFxpert

Title: Improved Antenna Pattern Accuracy of a Benchtop Real-Time Measurement Solution with Upcoming Extensions to X-Band, Ku-Band and mmWave Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 Time: 8:00 am PT | 9:00 am MT | 11:00 pm ET | 15:00 UTC Summary: EMSCAN’s RFxpert is a benchtop very-near-field test system that is able to accurately measure radiated


Ackrediterad uppmätning av skärmade och dämpade kammare

Vi har glädjen att informera att SIEPEL har blivit ackrediterade enligt NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 av Franska Kommittén för Ackreditering (COFRAC) att utföra följande mätningar på skärmade och dämpade mätkammare: – Shielding effectiveness (from 10 kHz to 40 GHz) in accordance with the EN 50147-1 standard – Quiet zone (from 30kHz to 1


Seminar: Thermal Management of Electronic Systems

On 7th September 2017 a single day seminar will give you insights to best practices and latest development in different industry domains such as automotive, data centers and telecom. It will also give you results from state of the art research. Take the chance for networking with specialists and international experts in this field! A

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MTT söker teknisk säljare

Kom och jobba med oss! Vi söker nu en utåtriktad person som har en god övergripande förståelse inom våra teknikområden Mikrovåg/RF, EMC och Elektronik i allmänhet. Vill du leta upp, träffa och kvalificera nya kunder i framförallt Sverige, Norge, Finland och Danmark? Skicka din ansökan till: martin.trossing@mttab. se

CST Webinar Series 2017

CST Webinar Series 2017 Throughout the year, CST simulation experts present webinars on the applications, features and usage of our software. You can also view past webinars by searching our archive and filtering for the markets or industries that interest you most. Overview of CST Filter Design Technology Event Time: September 14th 2017 17:00 CEST

UHP tuners

Kilo-watt range of tuners from Focus Microwaves

Read more about the new UHP line of tuners in Focus Microwaves’ Product Note #90 and contact us with your enquiry    

Active Harmonic 5G Tuners

Read more about this new line of integrated hybrid active tuners in Focus Microwaves’  Product Note #91


Hur kan EMxpert hitta EMC-problem på ett PCB?

EMSCAN har laddat upp ytterligare en video på Youtube. Denna gång går Ruska Patton igenom hårdvaran i EHX och ERX+ som gör mätsystemet EMxpert unikt i sitt slag.        


Real-time antenna gain and TRP measurements from a chamber on your desktop

Date: September 6, 2017 Time: 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 am ET | 16:00 UTC Summary: EMSCAN’s RFxpert is a desktop very-near-field test system that is able to accurately measure radiated power and efficiency for antennas. This system allows designers to easily and quickly check antenna and wireless device performance without


EMI and EMC testing in minutes

Watch our new application video “High resolution EMC & EMI testing in minutes”. In this video, we will be showing how to run high resolution EMC/EMI scan in minutes using ERX+.



Computer Simulation Technology AG (CST) will preview the upcoming version of its flagship electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool, CST STUDIO SUITE® 2017, at European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2016, booth #5.

“Full-system simulation is becoming increasingly important for our customers across a range of industries and fields, whether they’re designing a device such as a cross-coupled filter, an antenna array, or integrating multiple components on a platform such as a phone or an aircraft,” commented Dr. Peter Thoma, Managing Director R&D at CST. “European Microwave Week is an excellent opportunity to talk to engineers working on all of these problems, and so we’re excited to be able to unveil CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 there, and look forward to hearing visitor feedback.


EUMW Monter #99 – Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies ställer ut på Europeean Microwave Week i London 4-7 oktober. Välkommen till monter #99 och se de nya modellerna,  som den kompakta 8.5GHz-analysatorn S5085 eller CobaltFx för mätningar på millimetervågor.

Kaelus iBA series

EUMW Stand #67 – Kaelus

Kaelus is the industry leader in Passive Intermodulation (PIM) test solutions for both factory and field test environments. As Summitek Instruments we set the standard for factory PIM test solutions back in 1996 and continue that tradition today with industry leading portable PIM test equipment and next generation factory PIM test solutions.


EUMW Stand #190 – SIEPEL

FREQUENSYS Ltd will represent SIEPEL at EuMW London, next October 4th to 6th, booth 190 ExCel Centre, East entrance, London


EUMW Stand #171-172 – Focus Technology Group

Visit our stand #171-172 to see our new products EXHIBITION FLOORPLAN ♦ RAPID, the modulated signal high speed digital tuner ♦ CCMT and MPT, option HP, high power tuners ♦ AU-4850-1200V high precision pulse system ♦ CML and CM+, the industry standard in Cardiff behaviour modelling ♦ CCMT+/MPT+ the “active automatic tuner” for Gamma >

Milmega Amplifiers


AMETEK CTS is the company group with microwave amplifier experts Milmega and IFI as well as EMC test solution specialists TESEQ which has a long successful relationship with MTT. On EUMW 2016, you will see our new products in stand #11.


EUMW Stand #198 – DICONEX

Diconex is the European Specialist for Power Loads, Resistors and Attenuators for RF and Microwaves. DICONEX was founded in 1962 and became the manufacturer of Coaxial Connectors for ALCATEL in 1988. The company started designing Microwave Components in 1996 and Antenna Systems in 2009.


Antenna Simulation TV

1. MIMO Antenna Systems for Advanced Communication
This recorded webinar will show how simulation can be used to calculate the effect of hand and head (e.g. CTIA models) on mobile devices, MIMO for wearable antennas and different power weighting functions for different environments, along with post-processing options for envelope correlation (including spatial power weighting functions), derived quantities diversity gain and multiplexing efficiency.

2. Simulation-Enabled 5G Antenna Design
This webinar shows the workflow and simulation features in CST STUDIO SUITE that are enabling antenna engineers to envision and design the next generation of mobile device antennas. Compact, smart antenna array concepts provide the necessary data performance, but pose a unique challenge for antenna designers.


NSI-MI Antenna Measurement TV

NSI och MI Technologies är Experter och världsledande på antennmätningar av alla slag.
Nu är de ett och samma företag NSI-MI och vi har samlat de mest intressanta youtubeklippen.

1. Near Field 101
2. Introducing RAMS – NSI’s new Robotic Antenna Measurement System   
3. Automotive antenna testing
4. AntennaViz processing while NSI2000 acquires data
5. An MI Technologies Compact Range in Operation
6. MI Technologies Measurement Systems Overview


Ny version av Antenna Magus

MAGUS and CST announce the release of Antenna Magus Version 2016 – a tool that helps engineers deliver antenna design projects faster and more effectively than ever before.

This gives engineers the understanding needed to compare and select from alternative designs at an early stage in the design process, which can reduce the time and effort required for the full design cycle.


EMSCAN Antenna Measurement TV

EMSCAN is pleased to announce new applications video about
1. “How to analyze the performance of an antenna in seconds”
2. “How to characterize a Circularly Polarized GPS antenna in seconds”
3. “How to characterize an antenna over a wider frequency range in seconds on your lab bench without the need for an anechoic chamber”


Webinar: Aerospace and Defense EM Simulation

Webinar: August 31st 2016 19:00 Duration: approx. 120min
This workshop will demonstrate the capabilities of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and CST EMC STUDIO to tackle MW/RF and EMC/EMI simulations for aerospace and defense applications.


Webinar: Smartwatch Antenna Design and Analysis

Webinar: 29th September 2016 17:00 (UTC+01:00) Duration: 60 min. In this webinar, we will look at some of the challenges facing antenna designers in the design of a new smartwatch product

Kaelus iBA series

Helt ny PIM-Analysator från Kaelus

Kaelus launches an all new iBA Series Bench Top Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer. The iBA Series analyzer is a complete bench top and rack mounting PIM test solution used with a system controller and intuitive user interface. This economical solution comes in model variations that cover all major commercial wireless bands. The iBA base model


New Compact Vector Network Analyzers

Copper Mountain Technologies is responding to the increased popularity of USB VNA’s by expanding the frequency range of its Compact VNA’s to 6.5 and 8.5 GHz.


Millimeter-wave VNA from Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) and Farran Technology, Ltd. (FTL) have worked together to create CobaltFx, an entirely new piece of technology for millimeter-wave S-parameter measurements that establishes lab quality results in a more compact and significantly more affordable solution.


Kurs i CST Microwave Studio

Den 24 och 25 maj anordnar MTT i samarbete med KTH en kurs i Microwave Studio för befintliga kunder.

SEE Newsletter

Tack alla besökare på S.E.E

I år hade vår monter mer demoutrustning än någonsin tidigare. EMI Receivers, EDA Software, EMSCAN’s RFX och ERX+ närfältscanners samt de populära Nätverksanalysatorerna från Copper Mountain Technologies.


EMC Live 27 april – Diagnosing EMC Compliance Problems at the PCB Level

When a device fails compliance testing in the EMC chamber the best way to diagnose the problem is using the very-near-field. The array based scanning technique developed by EMSCAN can display these very-near-field emissions in real-time to aid in problem solving. The correlation of emissions to components on the PCB identifies the root causes and hints at potential solutions.


EMC Live 27 april – Problems in EMC Test Set-ups…and How to Fix Them

Fixing faults in EMC test set-ups, especially those in test chambers, can tie test-staff down for an inordinate amount of time. So start saving time and money by finding out how to identify and fix them.


EMC Live 28 april – Emissions Simulation for Power Electronics PCBs

The conducted and radiated emission of a switched mode power supply continues to be a challenge for both the designer and the engineers implementing these devices into their systems, especially with the trend towards smaller form factor and faster switching speeds. 3D EM simulation can be an extremely helpful tool for investigating, debugging and solving the common EMI issues that are encountered with these devices.


Antenna Installed Perfomance

This webinar will show how CST STUDIO SUITE ® can be applied to the installed performance and coupling analysis of various antennas on an electrically large Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). A demonstration will be given of how a hybrid simulation workflow can be easily and efficiently set up in a single unique integrated environment by

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Kurser i Designmjukvaror

Under 2016 kommer vi att hålla kurser i våra lokaler på Propellervägen i Täby. Först ut är grundkursen i CST Microwave Studio 17-18 februari. Senare under året följer kurser i 6SigmaET för termisk design och Easy-PC samt Pulsonix för schemaritning och kretskortslayout. Håll utkik på hemsidans för vårt kursschema !


NSI and MI Technologies Merge

NSI and MI Technologies Merge to Form a Strong Leadership Position in the Area of Microwave Measurements. Quadrant Management’s Ted Deinard today announced that a final agreement has been signed to acquire MI Technologies, LLC to merge with NSI, joining the two premier microwave measurement companies into a single entity. This merger allows the companies to combine their resources to bring quality, cost effective products and systems to their customer bases.

CST SMD detailed

Precise High Frequency Modelling of SMD Components

Surface-mount devices (SMDs) have gained an attraction over the last decades. Surface-mount technology has been successfully used in many communication and RF sensing/control systems. For instance the low-noise block for the satellite broadcasting is widely used in households in a frequency band of 10-12 GHz. However the higher operating frequency is used the higher accuracy of the SMD models is required.


6SigmaET R9.8

Release 9.8 av 6SigmaET innehåller en uppsjö med nya och förbättrade funktioner i användargränsnittet, möjligheter att bygga och ändra på modeller, nya objekt, fler lösningsparametrar, mer resultatdata, och utökad integration med externa CAD-verktyg. Om du undrar över hur 6SigmaET står sig mot uppmätta resultat och andra verktyg, ta en titt på exemplen.


RAPID – En digital PXI-tuner

The patented RAPID load-pull concept employs the latest in PXI test instrumentation. The technique employs a ‘quasi closed loop’ approach, this approach maintains the speed of a closed loop active load-pull system but removes the inherent stability issues that limit their application.


Modelithics® CLR Library till ANSYS HFSS

Modelithics, Inc. and ANSYS have collaborated under the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program to make the advanced, substrate scalable, high accuracy parasitic models from Modelithics compatible with the latest version of ANSYS Electronics Desktop and ANSYS® HFSS™ electromagnetic (EM) simulation software.


NSI Introducerar RAMS

NSI hosted the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) symposium in Long Beach, CA this year, and showed off their new Robotic measurement system in their exhibit booth. The robotic system supports a wide variety of antenna measurement applications when combined with NSI’s Panther RF subsystem and Industry leading NSI2000 software.

808 inside

What Makes a Good VNA?

What’s the dynamic range? Measurement time per point? What about the frequency range? When selecting a VNA attention is usually focused on a checklist of specs, but how are those specs achieved? What makes a VNA lab quality?

Att välja rätt antenn för EMC-test

Detta web-seminarium, som presenteras av AH Systems, guidar deltagaren genom de nyckelparametrar som måste tas hänsyn till vid valet av antenn för EMC-test. Deltagarna får även en praktisk checklista för att enkelt hitta tillbaks till informationen i framtiden.


Aktiv monopol för emissionstest – Del 2: Mätning

Detta webinar kommer att diskutera resultaten från en praktisk lösning till de inneboende begränsningar och nackdelar, till exempel impedans variationen av de monopolantenner som används vid EMC-provning. Lösningen består i att använda fiberoptik istället för koaxialkablage och genom att integrera antenn och mottagare i en enhet.


EMI-Scanning av PCB och IC-kretsar

Denna presentation visar ett snabbt system för scanning av kretskort och IC-kretsar. Systemet är en ny typ som kombinerar snabbheten hos en elektronisk array och upplösningen av en mekanisk flyttad prob. Se hur systemet kan kika inuti en IC och isolera strålningen från enskilda pinnar och bond-trådar. Tester från ett verkligt PCB med flera EMI-källor kommer att presenteras.

Korrekt PCB-layout för signalintegritet (SI) och EMC

I detta webinar kommer vi att gå igenom användningen av CST BOARDCHECK på ett realistiskt PCB. Verktyget kontrollerar PCB-laouten efter avancerade designregler och belyser orsakerna till eventuell elektromagnetisk kompatibilitet (EMC) och signalintegritet (SI).


Strukturell och Elektromagnetisk Co-Design

Lär dig mer om banbrytande simuleringsteknik från Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA och CST i de strukturella och elektromagnetiska domänerna. Teknik som förbättrar användarkomfort, känsla och säkerhet och samtidigt förbättrar produktens tillförlitlighet och anpassning till regulatoriska krav. Vi lägger även fram ett tillvägagångssätt för co-design i plattformen 3DExperience.


Videoklipp om simulering av elektronikylning

6SigmaET har släppt en samling videoklipp som förklarar fördelar och styrkor med det prisbelönta CFD-simuleringsprogrammet för elektronikkylning. Som alltid har MTT erfarenhet att använda all programvara vi säljer och vi jämför mer än gärna simuleringar mot ditt befintliga verktyg eller utför specifika demonstrationer via webben, i vår utbildningslokal eller ansikte mot ansikte på din arbetsplats.


CST Workshop Series 2015

Virtual prototyping by electromagnetic (EM) simulation has assumed an increasingly central role in the product design workflow: challenges across the EM spectrum can be analyzed before physical trials, helping to shorten development cycles and improve product quality. The CST Workshop Series 2015 will give engineers an insight into designing electromagnetic components as well as assembled


EMSCAN EMI Diagnosis Webinar

Very-near-field scanning solutions for pinpoint diagnosis of EMC compliance issues Are you looking for a new method for emi debugging when your device fails compliance tests or to diagnose root causes of failures? Click here to register! Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 Time: 8:00 AM PT, 11:00 AM ET, 15:00 UTC Overview: EMC chambers are not the best tool