[:sv]Kilo-watt range of tuners from Focus Microwaves[:]

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[:sv]Kilo-watt range of tuners from Focus Microwaves[:]


RF power handling of slide screw tuners is limited by two basic phenomena:

  1. Electric field breakdown (sparking or Corona discharge)
  2. Thermal (expansion of center conductor and connector limitations)
The tuner areas where the problems occur are:
  1. Connectors
  2. Area below the probes
  3. Center conductors
Focus Microwaves has addressed all limitations using mechanical and electrical solutions as follows:
  1. The center conductors are protected from thermal expansion and mechanically supported.
  2. The (coaxial) connectors are modified for using high temperature beads.
  3. The probes have been redesigned and dielectrically protected
These measures allow manufacturing high power tuners able to handle up
to several hundreds of Watts in CW operation and several kilo Watts RF power in pulsed mode.

UHP tuners

Read more about the new UHP line of tuners in Focus Microwaves’ Product Note #90 and contact us with your enquiry