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Focus Microwaves


Date:02 apr, 2015

Skills:Tuners for Load Pull and Noise measurements


Focus Microwaves

Focus Microwaves Inc. is an Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation in Montreal, Canada, specializing in automatic measurement systems, based on precise electro-mechanical impedance tuner products, accessories, test software and associated applications.


Since 1988, Focus Microwaves innovates, manufactures, installs and supports automatic noise and load pull measurement systems, using our high precision impedance tuners from 10MHz to 140GHz. Since January 2015 Focus Microwaves owns the shares, IP, active load pull and modelling technology of MESURO.LTD in Cardiff/UK.

Since February 2015 Focus Microwaves owns the Pulsed IV and Bias Tee product lines of AURIGA Microwave, of Boston MA/USA.

Our load pull, harmonic load pull and noise measurement systems enable our customers to gain a competitive edge in:

  • Designing power and low noise amplifiers
  • Improving mobile phone performance
  • Optimizing transistor technology
  • Validating transistor large signal models

Focus Microwaves became a leader in the industry by promptly responding to customers’ needs and pioneering most microwave tuners and applications.