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Webinar: Capabilities of USB-VNA’s

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Webinar: Capabilities of USB-VNA’s

Lab-quality USB based instruments that provide high accuracy and wide dynamic range enable engineers to use VNAs for many applications. In a USB VNA the processing module is separated from the measurement module which takes advantage of the processing power of modern PCs while producing the same reliable measurement results as any traditional analyzers would. Superior hardware designs in these instruments have helped achieve dynamic range as high as 162 dB and measurements speed as fast as 10 microseconds per point.


We will be presenting a webinar is to provide an insight into the usability of USB VNAs and trends in the industry to use this instrument to adapt to different application requirements.


Some benefits of using USB VNAs:

  • Doesn’t lock you into outdated computer hardware and OS
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Fewer failure points
  • Smaller, lighter and go almost anywhere
  • Very easy to share
  • No need for data purging or hard drive removal in secure environments