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6SigmaET brings a new level of productivity to electronics cooling design, overcoming many of the ease-of-use problems that have plagued analysis tools – with new levels of automation and intelligence making 6SigmaET usable by the broad community of design engineers:

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6SigmaET makes available a large range of intelligent modelling objects. These include: PCBs, chip sockets, and electronic components (resistors and capacitors, temperature controlled fans and blowers, card and drive bays)

6SigmaET greatly expands modelling automation. Objects come with rules that automatically: place, align, collision-detect and error-check. Plus, built-in grid generation rules automatically ensure the optimum grid is always used

Simulation results are object-associated, as well. Display of critical temperatures and airflow patterns can be initiated from the objects directly. Highly customisable automatic reportgeneration and flow animations ensure the results of the study can be easily and effectively communicated

Design Variation
Automated revision control and design-timeline tracking are included to enable designers to organise design variations and track design progress from concept to production.

6SigmaET brings a new level of productivity to electronics cooling design, overcoming many of the ease-of-use problems that have plagued analysis tools – with new levels of automation and intelligence making 6SigmaET usable by the broad community of design engineers:




This new level of intelligence and automation delivered by 6SigmaET enables designers to focus more intensely on the design, spending less time focusing on software operations. The result? A shortened learning curve, increased design productivity, and tighter integration with electrical and mechanical design and manufacturing.


PCB Modeling, Import & Simplification

6SigmaET’s powerful PCB modeling feature allows you to represent PCBs as a simple board or explicitly with detailed layers. Additionally, you can speed up your model build by importing ECAD formats such as IDF, IDX, XFL and GERBER.


6SigmaET’s intelligent and automated grid generation feature can seamlessly work with any geometry, allowing you to create a fast, robust grid for accurate results.

Introducing 6SigmaET

What is ET, what makes it an award-winning thermal simulation software, and how could it benefit you?


A huge amount of data is often required to create an accurate thermal simulation. 6SigmaET makes it easy to transfer information from other design tools used in the engineering design process.


Unlike in other tools, objects in 6SigmaET are not dumb solids that you have to spend a long time configuring. Instead, they are intelligent parts that make model creation simple. 6SigmaET has a wide range of modelling objects that are intelligent enough to know what they are and how to behave. This means you spend less time figuring out how to model your equipment and more time actually creating the best designs.


Are you unhappy about spending lots of time creating the correct grid? Do you get frustrated when a modelling error causes your solve to fail? Are you bored with having to create another PowerPoint presentation of your results? 6SigmaET has automated grid generation, sophisticated error checking, and automated report generation to make your work easier!


The 6SigmaET solver has been designed from the start to be powerful enough to solve detailed thermal models that contain highly-complex geometry. This means that we can capture all the detail required to get accurate results. It also saves time because less time is required to simplify the mechanical CAD.

6SigmaET Demo

Arbetet i programmet börjar med en befintlig CAD-model och PCB-design. Tillgänglig information matas in för att skapa en termisk modell. Efter beräkningen visualiseras de termiska problemen med designen effektivt.

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Modelling components has never been easier. Detailed component geometry can be created in 6SigmaET or imported from CAD models. Heat sources can be applied to any component parts, and these can be specified as spatially varying (power map), time varying or even as a function of temperature.

Using components in PCB or system design is also easy. A component can be represented by different modelling levels, detailed geometry, Two-resistor thermal resistances, compact resistance/capacitance network model (for example DELPHI models), or just a simple block. All of these representations can be saved within a component: users can simply choose the level appropriate to the models being investigated.


LED Lighting

LEDs are very temperature sensitive. Therefore, most designs using LEDs will need thermal management in the form of heat sinking to ensure correct operation (light output, colour, etc.). Accurate models of the luminaire, especially those with complex and aesthetically designed heat sinks, are vital.

6SigmaET is able to model the small details of the LED and the geometry of the heat sink to ensure the best possible performance before the prototypes are tested.


IT Equipment

6SigmaET has been designed to make the thermal modelling of IT equipment simple and fast. The secret here is the existence of a large number of intelligent parts which can be used to build the model, instead of making it out of abstract blocks. Card, chassis and drive bays make placing and switching modules in the right locations easy. Heat sinks, cold plates, thermo-electric coolers and heat pipes can all be used when necessary. Temperature controlled axial and radial fans, as well as blowers, are available to be parametrically defined directly within 6SigmaET.

The motherboard design can be imported from a variety of EDA systems using standard formats, such as IDF or IDX, or can be created using the 6SigmaET design tools. The powerful PCB modelling within 6SigmaET allows for multi-layered boards to be represented in detailed or in simplified form and switching between these is easy. The components, resistors, capacitors, inductors etc. also work intelligently in 6SigmaET. They can be placed on the top or bottom of the board and items such as vias can be added underneath through the whole PCB or just part of it. Again, a via is an intelligent object and can be modelled in detailed or simplified form.


Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are getting smaller and more powerful, which increases the thermal challenge. Tablets, mobile phones and other personal electronic devices can often be cooled only by natural convection. The complete CAD geometry of the device can be imported into 6SigmaET, which reduces the time spent creating the model. The printed circuit board design can also be imported from EDA design software. The 6SigmaET library can be used to store parts for reuse in future projects.


Outdoor Electronics

There are a many challenges when cooling outdoor electronic equipment such as active antenna, base stations and telecoms equipment cabinets. Due to harsh environmental conditions, these units usually have to be sealed, and designers must rely on external natural convection, conduction and radiation to cool the often highpowered equipment. Solar radiation can also significantly increase the temperature of the equipment, and effective solar shields are often required to minimise this effect.

The simulation environment can be configured to match any environment the equipment will be operating in. Using the in-built 6SigmaET solar calculator, the intensity of solar radiation is calculated based on input of the device’s location, orientation and time of day.

Complex heat sink designs can be imported to the model, or the built in heat sink object can be used to create an optimum heat sink.



Modelling large cabinet designs in 6SigmaET is easy. A simplified model can be created using the large library of IT equipment that is supplied with 6SigmaET. This library is also extensively used in Future Facilities data centre software. Of course, detailed models can also be constructed, and the fast efficient parallel solver available in 6SigmaET (on both multi-core/processor systems and Windows HPC clusters) ensures a speedy result is produced even when multi-million cell models are created.


Power Electronics

One of the primary challenges of power electronics design is how to remove the heat generated effectively. This is especially true when these devices can dissipate tens or even hundreds of watts of waste heat. The performance of the semiconductor is limited by the junction temperature, so it is important that the thermal characteristics of the design are fully understood. Novel cooling techniques are often used to cool power electronics, including liquid cooling and thermal electric coolers (TECs).

6SigmaET is capable of modelling semiconductor devices in detail so that accurate prediction of junction temperature can be achieved. Complex heat sink and enclosure designs can be imported and analysed. Advanced cooling systems can be tested easily with specialised intelligent objects used to represent components such as pumps, cold plates and TECs. Time varying characteristics as well as temperature dependent properties can also be handled easily.



With an increasing demand for precision, automation and monitoring, industrial equipment is becoming increasingly complicated. Equipment designed for use in an industrial environment must be reliable and robust enough to operate in harsh industrial environments. 6SigmaET can be used to validate the thermal design of industrial equipment before it is used for a mission critical application. The powerful parallel solver enables efficient solution of large and complicated models, which are often required when modelling equipment in sufficient detail.


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