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Antenna Measurements

MTT has a long successful history with selling antenna measurement systems.  We represent Siepel, Kaelus (Summitek Instruments) and NSI-MI in all Nordic countries and EMSCAN in Sweden and Finland. We have engineering experience in the field of antenna design and manufacturing and can discuss the technical aspects of PIM and Antenna performance measurements directly with you.

Antenna Measurements

NSI-MI are pioneers in nearfield measurements and specialists in the design and manufacturing of precise nearfield and far-field antenna measurement systems for microwave and millimeter wave applications. In total NSI-MI has a customer reputation that is uncomparable and more systems installed than all competitors combined.


Passive Intermodulation (PIM)

Kaelus is the leading manufacturer of passive intermodulation (PIM) test instruments previously knows as Summitek Instruments. MTT have engineering experience in PIM measurements on base station antennas and filters and are specialists in maintenance and service of Summitek PIM equipment.


Fast OTA Measurements

EMSCAN has developed methods to measure the very-nearfield of live wireless devices and cabled antennas using an electronically switched probe array. This opens up the possibility to see real-time near and far-field antenna results directly on the lab bench – a “chamber on your desktop”.


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