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RF and Microwave

In the RF & Microwave product category you will find instrumentation, komponents, software for the design and manufacturing of RF and microwave circuits and devices. Several of these tools and components work down to a few kHz and can be used also for EMC analysis. .

The suppliers MTT represents are driving the market in their application areas. Many times we suprise our customers finding a product matching or outperforming the specification of the product offered by the large test and measurement corporations but at a much more attractive price.

If you want a demonstration of the more advanced test and measurement systems that takes time and space to setup, let us know and we will request these systems to be setup at workshops and conferences such as  Antenna Measurement Technique SocietyEuCap, European Microwave Week samt International Microwave Symposium where people from MTT can also be met in the stand.

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